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Welcome to Shulk's Scrapbook, a Xenoblade Chronicles 1 fansite primarily dedicated to cataloguing and illustrating all the collectopaedia items. I've got a few other resources and fun things in the works too, so feel free to have a look around!

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Long time no update! A few typo fixes on the site as well as Shulk & Sharla's Heart-to-Hearts have been added today.

Also, there's only a few days left to do the Crossword! It will close on October 1st, and I have a new crossword ready to post afterwards.


A few small fixes across some of the heart-to-heart pages. Also added all of Shulk & Riki's heart-to-hearts and added the index page for Shulk & Fiora's.

I'm going to keep being annoying about the Crossword too - you only have until the end of the month to submit answers for (small) prizes! (If you've already submitted, note that prizes will be posted after the submissions close.)

Edit: also ended up drawing art for Blood Oil today!


Happy September! I'm working on this website a bit more again after taking a break to put together my Pokemon website, Pamtre Berry. I'd love it if you checked that out too!

In the meantime, on this end, Luma is helping me set up a faster system for creating Heart-to-Heart pages with javascript. There's still some kinks to work out, but I have made a few of Shulk and Fiora's heart-to-hearts using it. (I don't have an index page for Shulk & Fiora yet, but you can find them from the list of heart-to-hearts by in-game order.)


Finished the affinity index page for Riki!


Great news! I figured out how to have the sidebars update on all the pages without editing them all manually!! I still have to finish implementing it on all of the item pages, but a good chunk of them, and every non-item page, have been fixed. It probably won't look much different to anyone else, but it'll make future updates way easier and faster for me.

Also drew a new item today, Grape Spring. Just felt like drawing a pretty simple one for now.

Later edit: I think every page should now have the updated sidebars and style switcher. If you catch a page that doesn't, please let me know in the Guestbook!


Finished Melia's gifting affinity index and started on Riki's. Currently I'm in the process of trying to find a faster way to update the sidebars on every page; I'm still really bad at javascript so it may be a while, but I probably won't update more of the pages' sidebar links until I figure that out. In the meantime I might mess around with my personal site some, since it's been a while since I worked on it.

Also just going to plug the Crossword again. I'm definitely leaving it open until the end of September, so there's still plenty of time to get submissions in!


The drag-and-drop game has been updated with more backgrounds and given some more functionalities. You can now toggle off side characters, items, and/or party characters. You can also toggle off the background switcher to keep it out of frame. This page has more instructions and examples of what kind of images you can create. (That page has also been added to the sidebar under "Fun" on updated pages.)

Also, we have a new Guestbook! This one works in-site without any external "chatbox" stuff needed, which makes it both more convenient and more official-looking. Thanks so much to Ayano for the script, and I hope anyone reading here will come by and say hi! :D


FUN STUFF TODAY! With my pal Luma's help, I put together a little drag-and-drop game you can play here! It's still in beta and won't work on mobile/touch screens as far as I can tell. No links to it in the sidebar yet because... frankly I don't even know what to call it. but you can put those guys in situations!! (note that the background selector box is also draggable!) Also, if parts of the background are cut off (and they most likely will be), you can resize/shrink your window and for whatever reason that usually makes the whole thing show up. So far there are three backgrounds you can choose from: Eryth Sea, Bionis' Interior, and Valak Mountain.


Fixed the formatting on the Item Art Commentary page (under the "Rambles" section).


New item art for Dramatic Night! Thanks Reuel for the request!

Also added the Rambles page, which currently has a link to some commentary on the art I've drawn so far. It's still under construction.


Added Shulk & Dunban's heart-to-hearts. Also formatted the Trivia page and added one or two fun facts there.


Mostly more minor updates.

  • Added the style switcher to several item pages, including all for Colony 9, Alcamoth, Agniratha, Bionis' Leg, and Bionis' Interior.
  • Added a few more dialogue snippets to items, mostly for Colony 9. Goal is to at least finish those for Colony 9 items soon.
  • Started on more heart-to-heart indexes by character.

In more exciting news, I've gotten a couple of crossword submissions! The high score right now is Reuel with 23 out of 24 correct! I'm very impressed!! I plan to leave submissions open at least until the end of the month, probably going through September as well. So there's still plenty of time to fill it out, either for the first time or if you figure out more answers than you've previously submitted.


Lots more housekeeping today.

  • Updated the Heart-to-Heart indexes with the list of Quiet Moments, though none of the actual pages have been created yet.
  • Spiffed up the Third Lung style to as good as it's gonna get probably. If you like dark mode, this is for you.
  • Added the style switcher and updated the sidebar on all pages except for the item pages (that will be an undertaking in itself).
  • Added lots of images to the Assets page.
  • Gave the FAQ its own page.
  • Created a page just for items that have been illustrated. I figure that's the main draw of the site, so that might be useful.
  • Finished Dunban's affinity index and started on Melia's.

You'll notice a lot more uncreated pages on the sidebar now. Sorry about that. It's easier to add them there preemptively rather than update every page every time I add something new.


Working on some layout and organizational updates. Some stuff, especially sidebar links, might look a bit wonky on some pages for a bit.

In the meantime, you can test out the style switcher on a few pages! The "Third Lung" style is still a work in progress design-wise, but it should function just fine.


Exciting news! The Crossword is now up and functional! If you're familiar with how much inspiration this site has taken from The Cave of Dragonflies, it won't come as a surprise to you. It's a collectopaedia-themed puzzle that you can fill out and submit to have your name immortalized on the site (as well as... maybe... a small prize...?). Anyway, I hope you'll give it a shot! And big thanks to my pal Luma for helping me with the code here!


New item art for Blue Chain! Thanks to my pal Luma for requesting! Also don't forget that even if you've requested an item art before, you can still make more suggestions in the guestbook or on the site neocities profile. I don't have any requests currently so it won't put any pressure on me at all. :)


New item art for Poisonous Coral! Inspired by the presentation on fire coral I'm doing next week. Fun fact: fire coral is technically not a coral at all, but a hydrazoan more closely related to jellyfish and sea nettles.


Added a Links page! Includes most of the mutuals from the sidebar as well as some other Xenoblade sites that are worth checking out (and some pokemon sites because I can do what I want)


Fixed some links, added some Trivia, and started on Dunban's affinity index. (Technically the other remaining characters have affinity pages now too, but they're mostly placeholders so that the links work.)


All of the item pages are created now!!!! Woo!!!!!!!!!! If you catch any broken links to item pages, please let me know, since everything should be working now.

Also added the heart-to-hearts for Melia and Fiora and Dunban and Riki, and drew Golden Cog.


THREE new item arts today: Dawn Dice, Schorl Mushroom, and Kelp Mushroom! I got so excited drawing mushrooms that I had to draw both of them today. Frankly disappointed there are not more mushroom items in the game to draw.

Also fixed a few links and made some more item pages, up through the start of Central Factory now, which gives me about 50 more item pages left to make in all. You might notice some of the newer pages have the item category and location on the right-hand sidebar now. Eventually I'll work on updating that for the older pages as well.


Forgot that I said I was going to do something Strange next and ended up doing Abyss Heather after asking a pal what I should draw. Whoops. This was a really tough one, probably the one I'm least happy with out of items so far, but oh well. Can't win 'em all

Also made a bunch more item pages, working on Fallen Arm at this point. So over 2/3 of the way there! Woo!


New item! Large Mango, at the request of my pal Norrie :)

Next I should do some kind of Strange item. Need a wacky something back up on the "recent items" section now that Hunger Crash got pushed off

All Alcamoth items also have pages now.


Affinity index for Sharla is now complete. Not much else to stay about it except I love Sharla did you guys know that

Also added pages for all the Eryth Sea items, but there's not anything really exciting on them right now. What is exciting is that this puts us with pages for over half of the collectopaedia items at this point! Closer and closer to having every link on the site functional lol


Super exciting news!! The Personality Test lives!!! I put a ton of work into this, and I hope you guys enjoy it! I got Shulk by the way :)

There's also some more dialogue clips on the Assets page.


Lots of misc things tonight... updated a bunch of sidebars on various pages (especially location indexes), fixed a few broken images, added images to the bottom of a few pages that didn't have any... who knows what else.

Most importantly, I added some more stuff to the Assets page. You can now hear Reyn say "Reyn Time" in your very own web browser! Wow! Or you can even download them to your device for offline Reyn Time! Double Wow!!

Oh, and I finished making the item pages for everything in Makna Forest and Frontier Village.


New item art for Forget-You-Not, as requested by reuel on the guestbook! Thanks for the request! And sorry it looks exactly like irl forget-me-nots... they're my favorite flowers and they're so pretty I couldn't think of a way to improve them lol


Today's Rolling Patch Notes:

  • New painting of Eryth Sea / Alcamoth in the Art Gallery I kept forgetting to post
  • All heart-to-hearts for Reyn & Sharla are up
  • Fixed links and typos on Reyn's gifting affinity page (this took so much time. Why did I set things up like this)
  • A few other miscellaneous link and detail fixes, primarily in the heart-to-heart pages
  • Some more items from Makna Forest have pages
  • Updated the About page with a FAQ and some more details
  • New mutual: Noctilum has a super cool site and is currently archiving the Xenoblade 3 rest spot conversations. I'd definitely recommend giving it a look!
  • Personality test is finally in the works! Not going to link what I've got just yet but I'm excited about it


New item art for Happy Rabbit, as requested by one of my friends! It's based on a photo of their pet rabbit.


All items for Bionis' Shoulder now have pages. Also, more trivia bits have been added, specifically comparing/contrasting some collectables' appearances in the original Xenoblade vs. Xenoblade 3: Future Redeemed. I don't plan on referencing much from any games besides the first Xenoblade on this site, but it's a bit interesting how it recontextualizes some of the collectables. (Yes I am still annoyed by what they did to Rainbow Zirconia.)

Also added all three heart-to-hearts for Shulk & Reyn. Getting there slowly but surely :)


New item art, Blade Bird! This is the first one exclusive to Future Connected that I've done. I was going to save all these for last, but my pal Winter had such a good reference picture for me from one of her trips, and strangely this is the only bird item in the game (not counting the strange collectables such as White Songbird, which is implied to be named only metaphoically based on the description).

On the subject of strange and useless collectopaedia tidbits, I've added a few bits of trivia to the trivia page. Mostly inconsequential observations like the one above.


Finally, the alphabetical item index is complete! Coding the big tables full of 300+ items always takes forever, which is why the affinity index pages aren't yet complete. But I was sick today and didn't have the brainpower to do much more than copy and paste coding stuff over and over while watching Defunctland lol.