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Welcome to Shulk's Scrapbook, a Xenoblade Chronicles 1 fansite primarily dedicated to cataloguing and illustrating all the collectopaedia items. I've got a few other resources and fun things in the works too, so feel free to have a look around!

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Huge apologies for anyone who was attempting the crossword; there was a typo that said "zucchini" instead of "eggplant" in clue 13 across. This has been fixed in the html but not in the PDF/PNG versions yet.

Besides that, I have another item art, Charcoal Leg, and I moved some of the updates from this page to Older Updates.


Two new item arts, Freesia Cyst and Moon Flower! It's nice to come back to drawing, it feels like it's been so long :') I'm also fixing a glitch where the left sidebar takes a moment to load in and the flashing of it is really annoying, but I have to do it individually on every page, so it will probably take me quite a while.


Poking at small updates here and there. I've added several item dialogues to various pages over the past couple weeks, which is always fun. Today I cleaned up some typos on a few pages, and also added all of Sharla and Riki's and Reyn and Dunban's heart-to-hearts.

Speaking of typos, if you do ever notice any, feel free to point them on to me in the Guestbook, I'm always happy to fix them!


Added all of Sharla and Fiora's and Reyn and Melia's heart-to-hearts <3


New item art for Mist Tree, and a "Random Item" button has been added to the left sidebar!


Item art for Love Source up in preparation for Valentine's Day <3


New item art, Water Boatman! Did you know water boatman is a real bug? I didn't before today. Anyway, thanks to my pal luma for the suggestion!


Fiora's gifting affinity page is finished, meaning that all of the gifting affinity pages are now complete! As far as I know this is the only place on the internet you can find every item sorted by how many affinity points they give each character. Which may not be the most useful thing in the whole world, but I think it's neat!


Oh man it's been so much longer than I wanted it to be. But that's just how it is sometimes I guess. Anyway, there's finally a new crossword up, and the previous crossword answers have been posted. We also have two Hall of Fame entrants from the previous crossword: Reuel returns with a perfect score, and Lone is here as a new runner-up! Thanks so much for participating!

I have this month off from school and work, so hopefully I'll be able to get some new item art done. I'd also like to finish up Fiora's affinity page and add more heart-to-hearts, but I'll take it a step at a time. If there's anything in particular you'd really like to see on the site, feel free to let me know in the Guestbook!